Rising Cost of Living a Major Worry for Singaporeans

The Problem: Low Income in a High-Inflation World

Singapore has become a very expensive place to live in. Look at the residential property prices, COE and cost of buying a medium-sized car. To lead a financially secured life, it is best to explore new ways to generate extra income that able to meet the rising cost of living.

You cannot do it just by working in a job. Almost all of the wealthiest people in the world increase their wealth through investing in the right asset classes. While most people work hard for money, these people make their money work hard for them.

. . . So what is their secret?

Being wealthy is the ability of seeing OPPORTUNITY where no one else sees one. It is the ability of taking risk where no one else wants to take one.

It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses.

– Robert kiyosaki –

Rising Cost of Living a Major Worry for Singaporeans

Do you save to be rich?

How many millionaires do you know who have become WEALTHY by investing in savings accounts?   I rest my case.

– Robert G. Allen –

Negative Saving Rate

When it comes to investing, instruments such as stocks and bonds have had a difficult time beating inflation, much less producing the above-average returns that we are all searching for. In many instances, this situation has led both professional and individual investors to the Forex Markets.

Traditional investments are producing historically low returns. Banks, money market funds, and bonds are still paying rates well below the expected increase in the cost of living, if you like to have a financially secure life; you need to generate extra income from investments that will appreciate over time to meet the rising cost of living.

The wealthy have their money work hard for them. Once they’ve got money they INVEST it. There’s no reason to leave money sitting in their bank account. Generating Passive income is an incredibly powerful wealth-creating vehicle and the sooner you get started, the better.

The Solutions

The Financial Truth

There’s A Limit to How Much You Can Save, But There’s No Limit to How Much You Can Earn.

Labour creates VALUE; Capital also creates VALUE that can generate profits and it is the biggest factor for driving efficiency of Labour. However with Capital Exchange, circulation is able to create VALUE too. Here, is a platform that is able to achieve that and allow Capital to actively flow to where it is needed most. Let’s revitalize the Capital and not let our monies go dormant.

A New Way of Mindset

But that solution requires a whole new way of approaching things. It requires looking beyond traditional ways of income generation.

It’s time to shed the fear of the unknown by lifting the veil on other ways available for generating extra income in the New World for the 21st Century.

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